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Cheaper is not always best

We entered into a monthly support contract with during 2016. They fully documented our network and spec'd out what needed to be done.  As with many small businesses, we had grown throughout the years and were a hodge-podge of systems operating off a peer-to-peer network which was not sufficient to meet our needs and was constantly breaking down. came in, re-purposed equipment, revamped the network and kept us running during the entire process.  Unfortunately, partner buy-in wasn't there and within a year their work was ripped out and replaced yet again with a hodge-podge of systems refused to support under their current monthly contract. We tried at least 8 other support companies. None of which fit our needs and each time we have reached out to, they have worked with us to get us back up and running and improve our systems for the betterment of the company without resentment. Although we have chosen not to implement a full client/server environment, they still provide support; however, the partnership is starting to realize why the systems recommended lower our overall ROI and we appreciate all their work.

Tampa Court approved DV Service Provider

Saved my files while I was on vacation!

I was on vacation down in FL and had computer problems.  I needed to transfer my data to a different device easily and thought I had lost it on my original device. The owner took my device and explained the process, determined affordable pricing, imaged my device and was able to retrieve my data and transfer it to my new device. Talk about saving the day!! The owner saved my life, job and my privacy. I am thankful I found this company and will use them for all computer matters regardless of where I may be traveling. In fact, I have since shipped another computer to them for repair. This company has earned my trust and is valuable as a service.
Jacqueline Maddox, Raleigh, NC

Retrieved 99.9996666% of files from reformatted partition

Joyce agreed to help retrieve a number of files from a dysfunctional hard drive...We agreed on a price and time frame for her to do this.  She recovered all the documents and approximately 30,000 pictures...pretty incredible I think.  Joyce went above and beyond the original agreement...She was always responsive...she was very friendly, readily available in person, a pleasure to deal with, was neat and orderly, and conducted herself in a very professional manner.  Overall she gets five stars from me.

Keith Dekle (Largo, FL February 2014)

Trusted with the most confidential data

Joyce has been my “computer lady” for at least 10 years.  I know her to be extremely competent in her field.  Equally important, is that I also know her to be trustworthy. Allowing someone to have access to my confidential work and personal files is always a careful consideration in my profession. As Joyce was the IT representative at the office I worked at, I eventually learned I could trust her with even my most sensitive information. It was then that I welcomed her help and advice. I recommend Joyce without reservation.

Debra Kay Cohen

Attorney-at-law (Florida, January 2014)

Computer repair Computer Support

3 other companies couldn't fix.  We fixed it and @ competitive rates!

"...Three other companies couldn't fix my problem.  Their recommendations were all to wipe my computer down and reload.  Windows XP came with the computer and we did not have backup disks.  Some of the software we use on a daily basis was lost in a move so we would have been forced to purchase it again.  The options offered by other companies were to buy an entirely new computer or purchase Windows 7 at retail, and we still would have faced the same issues. was able to find and remove the problem by the following day and we have had no problems since.  They saved me hundreds of dollars and they even provided me with a competitive savings comparison!..."

Lenny (Largo, Florida July 5, 2013)

Problem diagnosed and solved within 24 hours!

"...After calling around to different companies, I was told I needed to bring my computer in and it could take up to 72 hours before they would even look at it.  That was not an option.  I called and was told it might not be a virus but to bring it in and they would look at it right away and let me know what was going on.  They even met me over the weekend.  Within 24 hours they had an answer.  As it turns out, It was not a virus.  I was just trying to send too big of a file.  They explained file sizes, gave me the documentation from my internet company, and fixed the problem.  I was back up and running the same day!  I will continue to recommend them to everyone I know..."

Robert (Largo, Florida July 1, 2013)

Honest answers & no up-sell tactics to make more money!

"...Someone vandalized my laptop.  Both the screen and keyboard were trashed and I couldn't even get the computer to boot. looked at my computer and gave me an honest answer.  I was told I would be better off buying a new laptop and even given a recommendation where to go. only charged me to recover my data and ensured the hard drive was securely wiped to Department of Defense standards....."

Tony (Indian Rocks Beach, Florida June 29, 2013)

Computer Repair, Pinellas County, FL, Largo, FL, Clearwater, FL, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, Treasure Island, FL, Madeira Beach, FL, St Petersburg, FL, Pinellas Park, FL, United States